About Us

About Us


is a faith-based, Community Development Corporation operating in Washtenaw County. We offer several community programs designed to promote growth and stability. Our passion is to serve this community with care, dignity and respect


As a faith-based agency, we are committed to provide services that will foster a positive impact on the lives of families, in an effort to rebuild communities and foster growth.

Shared Values

HOLISTIC LIFE – We believe life and its opportunities are most successful when viewed as developmental and holistic.

CHANGE – Change is possible and will lead to individual and collective social/economic successes.

CONCERN – We are concerned and will act responsibly as we contribute to the well-being of our community.

DIVERSITY – We celebrate diversity by understanding, valuing and respecting each other.

LEARNING ORGANIZATION – We are committed to being a continual learning organization.

SPIRIT OF INCLUSION – We believe the best community interactions are those that reflect a strengths perspective, mutuality, partnership, and collaboration.

Community Goals

  • To improve the educational and psycho/social needs of residents in the community.
  • To expand the economic development opportunities for residents to build assets. These opportunities include homeownership, skill development, micro-enterprises, and financial literacy education.
  • To expand opportunities for the community to realize adequate affordable housing.