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Family Financial Academy

Have you every asked yourself, “What could I do, if I weren’t bound by the weight of debt?” Well, the Family Financial Academy is an opportunity to find out!

Family Financial Academy is a comprehensive money management-training program for those with financial troubles as well as the financially secure. The academy is a tool to help community members by empowering them to become fiscally healthy and accountable for their financial decisions.

The Academy offers a variety of services:

Workshops & Seminars

Comprehensive Financial Management Training© (CFMT)

CFMT is a nine-week financial management-training program that educates participants on various financial issues that impact their everyday lives. It empowers them to make the best decisions to reach their financial and personal goals. Topics discuss included Wealth Building through Debt Elimination, Budgeting, Credit Resolution, Investment, Insurance and much more.

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Financial Freedom BootCamp© (BootCamp)

BootCamp is a six-week intensive financial management-training program created to eliminate the cycle of debt and the bondage of poverty. Participants are given hands on, step-by-step instruction in goal setting, budgeting, credit resolution, and debt elimination to maximize their income and live within their means.

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One-Day Onsite Training

Topics Covered in Workshops

    • Cash Attitudes
    • Savings
    • Budgeting
    • Credit
    • Debt Elimination
    • Goal Setting
    • Record Keeping
    • Investment

One-on-One Consultation

  • Budgeting
  • Credit Review
  • Debt Analysis

Individualized Financial Therapy

These sessions are provided by a Master’s Level Counselor and can be helpful for those who know what to do, but are having trouble implementing their financial management plans.

Onsite Workshops for Group/Churches/Organizations

Trainings and materials

can be brought to your location for groups of 10 or more people.

**All information is confidential; your specific money situation will be handled discretely and respectfully by our qualified personnel.