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Financial Freedom BootCamp©

BootCamp© is a six-week intensive financial management-training program created to eliminate the cycle of debt and the bondage of poverty. Participants are given hands on, step-by-step instruction in goal setting, budgeting, credit resolution, and debt elimination to maximize their income and live within their means.

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Session 1: Enlisting

  • Identifies consumerism vs. wealth building attitudes and how our cash attitudes influence our financial habits.
  • Explores the importance of planning and developing specific, measurable and time-oriented goals based on individual values.

Session 2: Basic Training

  • Explores savings and finance behaviors of American families.
  • Focuses on narrowing participants’ scope to identify personal financial leaks in their household that would prevent them from living within their means.
  • Participants are taught step-by-step how to prepare a spending plan that will work.

Session 3: Site Adjustment

  • Explains the use and misuse of credit, how to check and clean participant credit reports.
  • Helps participants understanding the benefits of repairing credit and improving credit scoring.

Session 4: Hand-to-Hand Combat

  • Focuses on consumer rights, communication and negotiating with creditors and collection agencies and developing a plan to restore financial integrity.

Session 5: Tactical Maneuvers

  • Equips participants with techniques to get out of debt and stay out of debt.
  • Identifies the effects of compound interest relating to debt and the benefits of compound interest in investment.

Session 6: War Games

  • Uses activities to pull all the information learned together preparing participants to apply it to their personal lives.